Dieppe Kite Festival 2014

Dieppe Kite Festival 2014 – France

Set in the beautiful countryside of the Haute-Normandie region of northern France, Dieppe is an historic town, strategically important since the 11th Century.  There is a magnificent Chateau and an eclectic mix of architecture that add a sense of character and history to the town.  All this was the back drop to the Dieppe Kite Festival 2014, one of […]

Dunstable Downs Kite Festival 2014

Dunstable Downs Kite Festival 2014

Last year’s annual Dunstable Downs Kite Festival was the best attended on record.  That is until now. The Dunstable Downs Kite Festival 2014 was a weekend of hot summer sun, cool gentle breezes and kites, kites, kites!   The festival has the special mixture of  wonderful displays of colour, shapes and sounds for the public and at the same […]


Berck sur Mer Kite Festival 2014

The world famous Berck sur Mer Kite Festival (Rencontres Internationales de Cerfs–Volants ) is without question one of the must attend festivals on the kite circuit.  With everything kite related from miniature kites to the world’s largest kite,  art kites to sport kites, banners to wind gardens this festival really does have it all and in […]


Testing Times

For the best part of two years now I have been playing with a new dual line kite.  The concept is simple: create a kite that has great precision and a good range of tricks that are as accessible to new pilots as experienced trick fliers.  Simple right?  Then why after so long am I […]