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A photo of Berck sur Mer beach at the 2019 kite festival, just before a massive rain shower.

Once more unto the beach dear friends…….

Well, it’s been 4 your since our last post but we haven’t been totally idle in that time. As well as a bit of kite flying here and there we have been off pursuing other things. You know, generally relaxing. So what has driven this return to the blog? Read on. The Prologue Many years […]

Quad Line Vietnamese Flute Kite

Quad Line Vietnamese Flute Kite

It’s not often that a new kite comes along that is at once familiar and at the same time new and exciting.  That is just what has happened with the new quad kite developed by Cao Quan from Vietnam.  A seamless blend of modern and traditional kite making skills. Kites have been made in Vietnam […]