Bai Se Hue Die

The Bai Se Hue Die (pronounced “bye dsir who dyeah”) translated from Mandarin as 
White Butterfly is a freestyle single line kite.  It was inspired by that part of the flying day when almost everyone else has left, but the wind is so smooth and the sun, although sinking, is not yet down.  We were never quite ready to give up and go home, but most of our kites would be just a bit too much work – you know 

Our solution was the “Bai”.   An interactive, freestyle single line kite that glides, turns and swoops in response to the flick and pull of the line.  Lightweight, beautifully designed the “Bai” fits neatly inside a Rev Bag.  The kite features an innovative front mounted, sprung cross spreader.  This gives the kite the flexibility to perform the more radical moves.  It also acts as a weight to help improve the kites glide characteristics.

Freestyle Single Line Kite

People ask us what we mean by single line freestyle. It’s simple, the Bai is an intuitive, single line kite that can do axles, turtle, flic-flac, 180º, 540º, groundwork and an endless range of maneuvers that can only be described as freestyle.  The pilot has total control and can also do many moves which are exclusive to the Bai.   ‘Brazilian rolls’ which are rolls over the vertical axis, spinning take off from the hands, rev style catches and throws and hundreds of maneuvers that you will develop for yourself.

Choose your kite from a wide range of colours


  • Made in Icarex PC31
  • Manufactured by Los Hermanos Gonzales in Spain
  • Printed with the dye sublimation technique (no extra weight, no loss of properties)
  • Original artwork by Sabine Chancel
  • Framed on Exel 2mm carbon
  • Nylon binding (four-fold) on all the perimeter edges for durability on indoor surfaces
  • Comes in a full color printed bag with instruction book