Revolution Kites

Revolution KitesRevolution Enterprises was founded in 1988 and has lead the field ever since; so much so that the name Revolution is now synonymous with quad line sport kites.  Revolution Kites, a family run business,  are based in Poway, California and have been at the forefront of kite design and promotion since the outset. 

We have been working with Revolution Kites for over 15 years.  We are proud to be able to design and produce kites through Los Hermanos,  one of the few companies producing these great kites officially under licence.

Revolution Kites 1.5

Of the 3 main variations produced by Revolution Kites the most popular is the Rev 1.5.  Used by the majority of kite teams & experienced pilots, it is the perfect platform for us to base our designs on.  There are also a range of spars available, enabling each flier to tailor the kites to their flying style.  The Rev 1.5 offers a  great balance of speed, precision & maneuverability making it a great choice for you.

A friend observed to us that our printed rev sails (adorned with the artwork from the Bai) were not only beautiful and distinctive but made a refreshing change from the block-panel designs of traditionally sewn kites.  We agree and from this came our decision to design a range of Revolution Kite sails that take advantage of printing technology, are visually stunning and still meet the best technical requirements.

Other Flower Power Ranges include the Bai (interactive freestyle single line kites) and Multi-Banners to compliment your choice. 

Our premier range has been nick-named “Flower Power” and you can see why!