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Vented-2G Flute 4 line Kite

The 2G – Vietnamese 4 line Kite – Vented

Things are moving on apace with testing of the quad version of a Vietnamese Flute kite.  Good news though, it now has a name.  Let us introduce you to the 2G. Lots of testing has been going on since we first flew this 4 line kite back in June 2014.  It was good then, it’s even […]

Quad Line Vietnamese Flute Kite

Quad Line Vietnamese Flute Kite

It’s not often that a new kite comes along that is at once familiar and at the same time new and exciting.  That is just what has happened with the new quad kite developed by Cao Quan from Vietnam.  A seamless blend of modern and traditional kite making skills. Kites have been made in Vietnam […]

Sky Shark Spars

Testing Times – It’s a Frame Up!

As you finish sewing the final Dacron reinforcements onto the sail it is easy to think the kite is nearly finished!  However, there is still a lot of decisions to make and construction left to do.  First on my list was choosing the right spars for the job.  Comparative spar stiffness and weight is a […]

Gee Thomas

Testing Times – Where to begin?

So here it is, the second installment and the real beginning of the story. Two years ago Gee Thomas turned up to one of The Flying Squad’s team practice with a new dual line team kite he had designed.  In fact, he had made a whole set!  These kites looked fantastic with the panel layout […]


Testing Times

For the best part of two years now I have been playing with a new dual line kite.  The concept is simple: create a kite that has great precision and a good range of tricks that are as accessible to new pilots as experienced trick fliers.  Simple right?  Then why after so long am I […]