Once more unto the beach dear friends…….

A photo of Berck sur Mer beach at the 2019 kite festival, just before a massive rain shower.

Well, it’s been 4 your since our last post but we haven’t been totally idle in that time. As well as a bit of kite flying here and there we have been off pursuing other things. You know, generally relaxing. So what has driven this return to the blog? Read on.

The Prologue

Head and shoulders shot of 1996 Sport Kite World Cup Winners Sky Dance

Many years ago, in a land far, far away there was a kite flier who got lucky. He found two other kite fliers equally as mad and started flying in dual line team. After a degree of success in competition and the making of many life long friends around the world that team disbanded with us pursuing our individual kiting paths.

The Flying Squad International Kite Team

That buzz and excitement you get from competition, not to mention the performance edge was nagging at the back of our minds. And so, another team, a different team, a collective if you will was started.

The new team also took part in competitions. Team, pair and the odd individual (and quite a few judges). Over time, other priorities came along and the competition side dropped but the team is still going forward, albeit a bit slower than when we were young. However, it is difficult to shake the allure of that competition buzz!

The next generation

Photo of father and son kite fliers

Recently, number one son has found some new friends and joined his own team and you know what? They’re not bad. The problem is that he has started competing, so back on the competition circuit we go.

Why don’t we enter as a quad pair dad to give the other two from my team something to compete against?

You could feel the silence, all those un-said things, the grinding noise as cogs in brains started to move once more. “NO,no,no, no no!” is what we should have said but……

So here we are again reading STACK rule, listening to the first 30 seconds of pieces of music and wondering what kite might be the best to choose.

We shall see what happens next.