Ostend Lotto Kites International 2013

Belgium is famous for chocolate and beer, what is less well known is that it is the home to one of Europe’s finest International Kite Festivals.  We have been visiting the Ostend Lotto Kites International Festival for nearly 10 years now and it just gets better and better every year.

Organised by the hard working team from Didak Kites, the Ostend Lotto Kites International festival has a real family feel.  Not bad when there are hundreds of kite fliers spread over 3 giant arenas on the wide sandy beach.  From giant inflatable kites down to miniature kites with everything in between you are sure to find something special flying.  This year one of our favourites were the art kites by Sabine Chancel from France.  Look out for her beautiful Unicorn Kite.

Revolution kite teams are an important part of the the sport kite arena demos.  This year’s mega team involved 22 pilots from Spain, France, Holland, Germany and England.  For many of the fliers this was their first mega team and with the wind gusting over 30mph it was a real baptism of fire!  We are always impressed by the can-do attitude of the fliers in the “grid” and this group made the newbies first mega team experience a little less terrifying than it would other wise be in those conditions.